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We have a presence in several major geographic regions with professionals located in New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Dhaka and Colombo.

Arranging Climate Debt​

Origination and Structuring: assisting financial institution, private equity and corporate clients in structuring asset-based and asset-backed debt financing and risk mitigation instruments.

Pricing and Valuation: advising clients on determining suitable pricing and valuations for debt issuances.

Documentation: working with legal and tax experts to ensure regulatory compliance and tax efficiency in documentation.

Marketing and Execution: managing marketing campaigns, arranging investor roadshows, and overseeing debt issuance process.

Sourcing Climate Debt

Deal Sourcing: identifying climate-focused debt or equity investment opportunities for private equity and private credit clients by leveraging our network and market insights.


Due Diligence Support: assisting clients in the analysis of ESG factors, project feasibility, and borrower risk and collateral risk.


Structuring Advice: providing guidance to clients on climate debt investment structuring to align with the fund's risk-return profile and borrower needs.


Portfolio Monitoring: delivering ongoing monitoring of climate debt investments, tracking financial performance, and ESG compliance.

Climate Risks Management & Governance Framework

Gap Analysis: conducting thorough assessment of the financial institutions’ current risk management and governance framework, identifying gaps in integrating climate-related risks and developing strategies to address them in compliance with the Fed's emerging requirements.


Stress Testing: assisting financial institutions in integrating climate-related risk in its existing stress testing models in compliance with the Fed's emerging requirements.


Training and Change Management: providing training and change management support to ensure the financial institutions’ staff and leadership are equipped to adapt to the new climate risk management processes and tools, fostering a smooth transition.


Ongoing Support and Compliance Monitoring: offering ongoing support to financial institutions as they adapt to evolving climate risk requirements, providing periodic reviews, updates to models and systems, and ensuring continued compliance with the Fed's expectations.


Risk Management Analytics and Automation

Risk Modeling & Analytics: assisting financial institutions with credit and climate risk analytics to develop or improve banks' climate risk models, incorporating the Fed’s emerging requirements and ensuring alignment.


Workflow Automation: advising financial institutions in implementing workflow automation solutions to streamline risk management processes, minimize data fragmentation across legacy IT systems, reduce manual tasks, and enhance audit trails, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Customized ERP Integration: assisting financial institutions improve cloud ERP by customizing our proprietary ERP built on Salesforce platform, assuring robust cybersecurity and data protection.

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