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The Private Credit Market Problem

  • Inadequate loan- and collateral-level information and overly-manual processes discourage most banks and 3rd party investors to form partnerships to recapitalize and restructure large numbers of high-risk but viable SMEs and small corporates


  • Inability to form NPL partnerships (1) deprives viable SMEs and small corporates of much-needed new-money from 3rd party investors, (2) degrades SME and small corporates’ ability to service debt, (3) devalues collateral security and (4) forces banks to increase write-downs and  depletes their capital

Introducing The LoanSolutions Platform

  • LoanSolutions is an easy to use, cloud based, software-as-a-service for lenders, investors, and servicers to process high volume structuring, restructuring, risk management, funding and securitization involving SME and small business loans   

  • LoanSolutions enhances efficiency, compliance, audit trail and transparency while reducing operating cost 

  • Highly customizable to fit disparate IT infrastructure and data-availability

  • Participants not required to make any changes to their IT infrastructure or business processes

Multiparty Collaboration

  • Negotiate terms & conditions of debt restructuring, debtor recapitalization, and standstill agreements

  • Submit escalation and approval requests with documentation

  • Grant approvals with documentation & audit trail

  • Generate and share indicative and final term sheets

  • Organize, retrieve and distribute documentation - appraisals, valuations, analytics, financials, audit, legal & compliance

  • Measure and reward individual & team performance

Real-Time Analytics

  • Upload loan-level data through spreadsheets

  • Perform powerful analytics to segment, drill-down, and select portfolios for specific NPL partnerships

  • Compute loss-given-default (LGD) by tracking “many-to-many” relationships between debtor, loans, collateral and lien position

  • Generate NPL recovery curves based on criteria specified by the bank, investors, rating agencies & regulators

  • Monitor & report performance at a portfolio and granular (loan-by-loan) level

Prudential Reporting

  • Maintain a superior, real-time audit trail

  • Track & report escalations, approvals and documentation

    • Credit

    • Risk Management

    • AML & Internal Audit

    • Legal & Compliance

    • Regulatory

  • Support bank’s AQR functions - stress testing and LGD computation

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